Thursday, August 30, 1990

Arab foreign ministers and representatives open 2-day meeting in Cairo; in attendance are Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Djibouti, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrian, Oman, and Libya (cf. 9/1) [MENA 8/30 in FBIS 8/31; NYT 8/31; MET 9/11].

Claiming "shape of post-cold-war world" is at issue, Pres. Bush says he will send Sec. Baker, Sec. Brady overseas to ask other nations to help pay multibillion-dollar cost of military operations and sanctions in Middle East [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 8/31].

Iraq moves some women and children hostages who had been placed at strategic locations in outlying areas as potential shields to Baghdad in preparation for being allowed to leave Iraq [NYT, LAT, WT, WP 8/31; MET 9/11].

In 1st criticism of U.S. military forces in Gulf, Soviet Union asks whether U.S. presence might be intended as permanent foothold in region [NYT, LAT 8/31].

U.S. officials report the CIA is training Kuwaiti resistance fighters at bases in Saudi Arabia [LAT, WP 8/31].

Palestinians in O.T. stage general strike to protest U.S. military presence in Gulf [MET 9/11].

Reacting to planned U.S. sale of $2.2 billion in military hardware to Saudi Arabia, Israeli Foreign Ministry demands that U.S. ensure Israel remains the dominant power in Middle East by providing additional military aid [WT, WP 8/31; MET 9/11].

Senior U.S. naval officer says U.S. warships are interrogating daily up to 75 commercial shipping vessels in Gulf; shipping has declined "dramatically" since sanctions were announced [WP 8/31].