Wednesday, August 29, 1990

White House formally announces sale of 24 jet fighters, 150 tanks, other hardware worth $2.2 billion to Saudi Arabia; sale causes concern among pro-Israel lobby and its congressional allies [MEM 8/29; LAT, CSM 8/30; WT 8/31; MET 9/11].

On tour of Gulf states, British defense secretary Tom King says he's sending 4 additional warships - 3 mine-hunters and 1 destroyer - to the Gulf [LAT 8/30].

U.S. C-5 military transport aircraft carrying supplies to Gulf troops crashes shortly after takeoff in W. Germany, killing 12 soldiers [MEM 8/29; NYT, LAT, WT, CSM, WP 8/30].

10 of 13 OPEC nations, meeting in Vienna, endorse temporary production increase to make up for supplies lost because of Gulf crisis; Iran opposes agreement, Libya and Iraq are absent [AFP 8/29 in FBIS 8/29; NYT, WP 8/30; CSM 8/31].

21-member World Islamic Council denounces Saudi Arabia for inviting "anti-Islamic U.S. troops" into Middle East [INRA 8/29 in FBIS 8/30].

Speech read on behalf of Yasir Arafat to meeting of UN nongovernmental organizations in Geneva says PLO does not take sides in Gulf crisis, links Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait to other "occupied" lands-Lebanon, Golan, and Palestine [AVP 8/29 in FBIS 8/30].

Qatar has expelled 20 PLO officials since beginning of Gulf crisis, according to Yasir Abd Rabbo [AFP 8/29 in FBIS 8/30]; Abd Rabbo also states that breaking the economic blockade against Iraq is an Arab responsibility [RAY 8/30 in FBIS 8/31].

Hamas distributes leaflet in O.T. calling for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait and Kuwaiti self-determination; UNLU also issues leaflet continuing its demand for withdrawal of foreign troops from Saudi Arabia and calls for strike on 9/26 "in solidarity with the Iraqi people" [JPD 8/30 in FBIS 8/30].

Japan unveils aid package to help finance international effort against Iraq, but package  draws criticism from U.S. because of absence of tangible aid to military buildup. Japanese program offers loans to Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan; sending 100 doctors, refrigeration equipment, and water to region (cf. 8/31) [MEM 8/29; NYT, WT 8/30].

Bethlehem Mayor Elias Freij says he supports UN formula for unconditional Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait, believing it to be the only way to head off a new disaster for Palestinians [WP 8/301.