Tuesday, September 4, 1990

In testimony to House Foreign Affairs Committee, Sec. Baker calls for creation of U.S.-led NATO-style security structure in Middle East to prevent renewed Iraqi aggression even if present crisis ends without warfare (cf. 9/5) [LAT, NYT, WP, MEM 9/5; CSM 9/6].

Speaking in Vladivostok, Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze calls for international conference on the Middle East that would include the Gulf crisis, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Lebanon [WT, WP 9/5]; Israel sharply rejects the idea [JPI 9/15].

Washington Post reports that U.S. commander in Saudi Arabia Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf complained to Defense Dep't and White House about Saudi Lt. Gen. Khaled bin Sultan's remarks on 8/29 that any decision to use U.S. forces deployed in Kingdom would have to follow consultations between King Fahd and Pres. Bush. Bush conveyed to Saudi ambassador "military concern that U.S. forces be unquestionably under U.S. command," and ambassador reiterated what Saudis contend was original agreement between Fahd and Def. Sec. Cheney that U.S. forces were invited to Kingdom to defend Saudi Arabia from attack by Iraq [WP, MEM 9/4].

Cheney says U.S. would "consult closely" with Saudis before launching offensive action from Saudi territory, but stops short of saying whether Saudi approval would be required [MEM 9/5].

Bush admin. begins asking economic allies for at least $25 billion to help defray American military expenses and support countries that have been hurt by embargo on Iraq and Kuwait [LAT, WP 9/5].

Israeli finance minister Yitzhak Modai says if U.S. forgives Egypt's debt, Israel will demand that most of its $4.6 billion debt also be erased [LAT 9/5; MET 9/18].

Qatar expels more than 70 Palestinian families, including several PLO members, apparently because of Palestinian support for Iraq [NYT 9/5; MET 9/18].

Media report of growing crisis in Jordan as hundreds of thousands of refugees flee Kuwait and Iraq for the Hashemite kingdom [NYT, WP 9/5; MET 9/18].

As'ad al-As'ad, ass't sec.-gen. of Arab League, is named as acting sec.-gen. until replacement for Chedli Klibi is determined [TDS 9/4 in FBIS 9/5].