Sunday, September 23, 1990

Iraq's Revolutionary Command Council issues statement threatening to attack oil fields in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and Israel if U.S.-led blockade begins to "strangle" Iraq, for 1st time raising possibility of preemptive strike [NYT, LAT, WP, MEM 9/24; CSM 9/25; MET 10/2].

New York Times prints excerpts from transcript provided to ABC news by Iraqi gov't of 6/25 meeting between U.S. ambassador to Iraq and Saddam Hussein [NYT 9/23].

Asked about document at press conference, Sec. Baker calls suggestion that U.S. contributed to Iraq's aggression "ludicrous," defends his dep't against congressional accusations that it had misled Iraq on U.S. response in event of invasion [LAT, WP, WT, MEM 9/24].

Iraqi F.M. Aziz says he will boycott UN Gen. Assembly's 45th session because U.S. has barred his gov't-owned airplane from landing in New York. (Iraq's UN ambassador will replace him.) State Dep't told Iraq's embassy in Washington last week that Aziz would have to use commercial flight to come to U.S. [LAT 9/24, 9/25].

Palestinians clash with IDF troops conducting house-to-house search in Bureij refugee camp in search of people who stoned and burned auto, killing IDF soldier on 9/20 [NYT 9/24].

Iraq outlaws use of Kuwaiti currency; Kuwaiti dinars must be exchanged for Iraqi dinars at 1 to 1 rate. Before invasion 1 Kuwaiti dinar was worth 12 Iraqi dinars [BADS 9/23 in FBIS 9/25; LAT, CSM 9/25].