Sunday, October 7, 1990

Israeli military begins handing out gas masks and chemical warfare defense kits that it plans to distribute to Israelis over next 2 months. Palestinians in O.T. will not be given kits but will be allowed to purchase them [NYT, WP 10/2; NYT, LAT, WP 10/8].

Facing dwindling oil reserves and commercial imports, Jordan orders austerity measures to save fuel to begin on 10/13. Measures call for reduced work days, mandatory closing times for shops, and decreased electrical use [NYT 10/8].

EC foreign ministers agree that there could be "no compromise" with Iraq over UN resolutions on the Gulf, and that pressure must be kept up on Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait [LAT 10/8].

At inauguration of new E. Jerusalem Jewish religious school, P.M. Shamir announces plans for major new housing project in E. Jerusalem built for Orthodox Jews on undeveloped ridge between Mt. Scopus and the Mount of Olives [LAT, WP, MEM 10/8].

Yasir Arafat meets with Soviet envoy Primakov in Baghdad to discuss Gulf crisis [SVP 10/7 in FBIS 10/9].

Maj. Gen. Ali Habib, commander of Syrian forces in Gulf, tells Saudi newspaper that his troops will only defend Saudi Arabia, not attack Iraq (cf. 10/8) [MEM 10/8; WP 10/9].