Wednesday, October 17, 1990

According to New York Times, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have suspended some $40 million in monthly contributions to the PLO because of PLO's support of Iraq [NYT 10/18].

Expressing concern that U.S. could go to war against Iraq while Congress was in recess, Senate Foreign Relations Committee demands Pres. Bush obtain congressional approval before taking military action. Demand is rebuffed by White House and Sec. Baker, who says the pres. will "consult" with Congress if need be [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 10/18].

For. Sec. Hurd says he failed to convince Israelis to accept UN team investigating Haram al-Sharif incident; 28 prominent Palestinians cancel scheduled meeting with Hurd after local press reports 10/16 comments; Hurd says papers misinterpreted his comments [MEM 10/17; NYT, WT 10/18; JDS 10/17 in FBIS 10/17, 10/18].

Egypt's most prominent newspaper Al-Ahram assails King Hussein as co-conspirator with Saddam, saying King Hussein acknowledged in an interview with New York Times he knew in advance of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Al-Ahram's version of the interview is at odds with the Times article, which says King Hussein knew of the invasion only at 6:00 am on 8/2 [NYT 10/18].

Arab League emergency session, called for by Palestine to discuss Haram al-Sharif shootings, opens in Tunis (cf. 10/18) [SPA 10/17 in FBIS 10/18].