Tuesday, October 30, 1990

1 Palestinian is killed, 2 others injured, while constructing bomb near Tel Aviv, and 2 Palestinians are shot dead in W. Bank, as Israeli gov't puts into effect new regulations that permanently bar any W. Banker or Gazan with a record of security offenses from entering Israel [JDS 10/30 in FBIS 10/30; MEM 10/30, 10/31; NYT, LAT, WP 10/31].

Congressional leaders urge Pres. Bush to move slowly on any military activity against Iraq, while Saddam orders his generals to put Iraq's forces on "extreme alert" against possibility of U.S. attack [NYT, LAT, WP 10/31].

10 U.S. soldiers are killed in boiler room accident on USS Iwo Jima; 43 American servicemen have died since deployment in Gulf began [NYT, LAT, WP 10/31].

Arab nations are discussing PLO proposal to end efforts made since 1982 to expel Israel from the UN at this year's Gen. Assembly; instead they are reportedly considering alternative measure that would reaffirm Israel's obligation to obey UN resolutions [NYT 10/31].

Amal and Hizballah troops agree to cease-fire and say they will allow Lebanese Army regulars to deploy in S. Lebanon, where most of Shiite fighting has occurred. PLO rep. says Fateh force in Lebanon will not leave until dialogue of Lebanese-Palestinian relations is started [BVL 10/30, BDS 10/31 in FBIS 10/31; NYT 11/1].