Wednesday, November 7, 1990

Sec. Baker arrives in Moscow for talks with Pres. Gorbachev, F.M. Shevardnadze about possible Soviet backing of UN Sec. Council resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq [WP, NYT 11/8].

After meeting with former W. German chancellor Willy Brandt, Saddam orders release of 100 German hostages and 20 more Europeans and Americans [WP 11/8].

Israeli officials says their gov't feels increasingly sure Israel will be drawn into any armed conflict in Gulf and is disturbed because there is no agreement with U.S. about how the 2 nations will coordinate military operations [WP 11/8].

Japanese P.M. Toshiki Kaifu, yielding to deep anti-military feelings in Japan, gives up his effort to pass legislation authorizing dispatch of Japanese troops to Gulf [WP 11/8].

Pres. Mubarak says international coalition allied against Iraq should wait "at least 2 to 3 more months" to determine whether economic sanctions will force Saddam out of Kuwait, and warns Iraqi leader that if he does not remove his troops, war would be inevitable [NYT 11/8].

GCC ministers end 3d extraordinary meeting held in Jeddah; issue statement condemning Iraq's invasion of Kuwait [SPA 11/7 in FBIS 11/8].

Thousands of Israelis turn out for Meir Kahane's funeral in Jerusalem, hundred seek revenge by rampaging through downtown streets breaking shop windows and beating Palestinian bystanders [JDS 11/7 in FBIS 11/8; WP 11/8].