Thursday, November 15, 1990

Sec. Baker arrives in Brussels to continue discussions with other members of UN Sec. Council about possible resolution authorizing use of force in Gulf [WP 11/16].

Pres. of National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, writes to Pres. Bush that offensive action against Iraq would likely violate criteria Catholic tradition considers essential for a "just war"; National Council of Churches issues statement raising moral objections to possible war, calling for troop reduction in Gulf, and call- ing for international conference to develop comprehensive Middle East peace [WP, NYT 11/16].

Palestinians in O.T. celebrate 2d anniversary of declaration of Palestinian state with parades and fireworks; minor clashes with IDF are reported [WP 11/16].

Saddam Hussein tells ABC News he wants to negotiate peaceful settlement to Gulf crisis, but refuses to withdraw from Kuwait as precondition for talks [WP, NYT 11/16].

Following 2d round of talks between Pres. Mubarak and Pres. Asad, both announce rejection of call for Arab summit [RMC, MENA 11/15 in FBIS 11/16].

Soviet envoy Primakov calls for delaying introduction of Sec. Council resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq to give time for final negotiating effort [NYT 11/16].

Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off on mission allegedly to deploy spy satellite over Gulf [WP 11/16].