Monday, June 18, 1990

P.M. Shamir invites Syrian Pres. Asad "to come, to talk, to conduct negotiations and maybe to get to peace." Shamir also criticizes U.S. for delaying decision on whether to continue U.S.-PLO dialogue [WP, NYT, LAT 6/19; JTS 6/18 in FBIS 6/19].

White House spokesperson Marlin Fitzwater says Pres. Bush has written "lengthy" letter sent to Shamir over past few days offering congratulations on new gov't. and discussing U.S.-Israeli relations [WP, WT 6/19; MEM 6/22 (details of letter in MEM 7/27)].

Tel Aviv court charges Israeli Ami Popper, 21, with the 5/20 murders of 7 Palestinians. Five-man psychiatric panel rejects notion that Popper is "derranged," as Israeli authorities had first claimed [IDF 6/18 in FBIS 6/18; LAT 6/ 19].

Cairo declines Shamir's 6/15 call for Israeli-Egyptian summit, saying Egypt expects "concrete actions towards peace and establishment of dialogue in Cairo with Palestinians and not mere messages conveying good intentions" [MAP 6/18 in FBIS 6/19].

In letter to Israeli Pres. Chaim Herzog released today, Theo Klein, former head (1983-89) of France's 700,000-strong Jewish community, says Israel should meet PLO [MEM 6/19].