Saturday, June 23, 1990

Abul Abbas, leader of PLF group responsible for 5/30 attempted seaborne raid on Israel, says that he is prepared to accept disciplinary action from PLO Exec. Committee, adds that Arafat may "take any measure he sees as necessary to protect the national achievements of our people." Abbas adds that he has given to Arafat a file on the attack to show raid had been aimed at military targets [NYT 6/24].

New York Times reports Abu Nidal is losing control over his Fateh Revolutionary Council; dissidentsay they will follow Arafat [NYT 6/24].

Israeli navy destroy speedboat, kills two unidentified people, off coast of S.Lebanon; military sources claim terrorists aboard were en route to Israel [JDS 6/24 in FBIS 6/25].

Joyce Starr, co-chair of Global Strategy Council, a U.S. thinktank, advises that untreated sewage is causing sanitary and environmental problems in Gaza Strip: "Gaza is a sewage time bomb waiting to explode... .[it] has reached the limits of its disposable water resources" [LAT 6/24].