Thursday, August 2, 1990

Iraqi troops invade Kuwait, take over country; attack comes less than 24 hours after 2 countries had broken off talks over Iraqi demands for territorial and financial concessions [MEM, WP, WT 8/2; WP, WT, NYT 8/3].

Invasion evokes swift condemnation from U.S., Western allies, Japan, and USSR. UN Sec. Council resolution condemns invasion. Israel calls for economic sanctions against Iraq and D.M. Arens says Israel will not tolerate any movement of Iraqi troops into Jordan [WP, WT, NYT, LAT 8/3].

Most Arab capitals ignore Kuwait's appeal for support, and urge foreign powers not to act so as to provide time for Arab diplomatic solution [WP 8/ 3]; Arab League foreign ministers hold emergency meeting in Cairo [MENA 8/2 in FBIS 8/2; MEM 8/3].

Following intense debate, Israeli gov't. adopts emergency plan to import 9,000 prefabricated houses and 5,000 trailer homes to ease severe housing shortage. Plan also allows for private entrepreneurs to import 6,000 more prefabricated houses by year's end [JDS 8/2 in FBIS 8/ 8; WP 8/3].

Semi-official Egyptian daily al-Ahram prints editorial warning that Egypt will take drastic measures if UNLU does not withdraw call no. 60 statement that Egypt is a U.S. puppet [MEM 8/2].

Israeli military helicopters strafe Shiite positions in al-Rashidiyah camp near Tyre, according to UNIFIL [JDS 8/2 in FBIS 8/3].