Sunday, August 12, 1990

Pres. Saddam Hussein says he will not withdraw forces from Kuwait unless "all issues of occupation" in Middle East are resolved, beginning with unconditional Israeli withdrawal from O.T. [LAT, WP 8/13].

Arafat sends messages to heads of permanent member states of UN Sec.Council [INA 8/13 in FBIS 8/14].

DFLP, PFLP, and PFLP-GC level sharp criticism at U.S. for its military presence in Saudi Arabia [BDS 8/12 in FBIS 8/13].

Israeli police arrest Jewish woman and 14-year-old boy in connection with killing of E. Jerusalem Arab by Jewish mob [WT 8/13].

Knesset appoints Zalman Shoval to be ambassador to U.S.; Shoval is member of Rafi Ometz party that agreed to join P.M. Shamir's gov't. in return for U.S. appointment [WT, NYT 8/13].

Second Red Cross worker, held hostage since 10/6/89, is freed in S.Lebanon; Elio Erriquez is released by Palestinian Revolutionary Squads group [LAT 8/13; WP, NYT 8/14].