Friday, February 16, 1990

UN Human Rights Committee endorses resolution calling for Israel not to settle Soviet Jews in O.T. U.S. abstains (cf. 2/17) [ADS 2/18 in FBIS 2/20].

USSR has informed U.S. it will not allow direct Aeroflot flights from Soviet Union to Israel (cf. 2/19) [YA 2/16 in FBIS 2/16].

Soviet P.M. Nikolay Ryzhkov says USSR will consideresuming diplomatic ties with Israel only after Israeli-Palestinian dialogue is launched [RPP 2/16 in FBIS 2/23].

Yasir Arafat contacts the "parties concerned" in the intra-Christian fighting in E. Beirut, offers to mediate (cf. 2/19) [RMC 2/17 in FBIS 2/20].

Gaza Strip residents observe general strike [MET 2/27-3/5].

Israeli helicopters attack Amal post south of Sidon, S. Lebanon; no injuries UDS 2/16 in FBIS 2/20; MET 2/27-3/5].

DFLP has asked Red Cross to force Israel to give prisoner of war status to 3 DFLP members captured 2/15 [RMC 2/ 16 in FBIS 2/20].