Tuesday, February 27, 1990

Poland becomes 3d Warsaw Pact nation to renew full diplomatic ties with Israel, ending 23-year break [NYT 2/28].

D.M. Rabin says Israel is asking U.S. for compensation for U.S. supplying Egypt with surplus M-60 tanks [JDS 2/27 in FBIS 2/28].

Radan Abu-'Ayyash, head of E. Jerusalem Journalists Association, tells reporters that "according to new PLO strategy, the Palestinian right of return will be confined to the borders of the Palestinian state - the West Bank and Gaza Strip" [HAM 2/27 in FBIS 2/28].

PFLP in Damascus announces use of arms in O.T. has now become necessary [RMC 2/27 in FBIS 2/28].

Israeli military extends by 3 months closure order for 7 O.T. universities, now closed until end of May [WP 2/28; JDS 2/ 27 in FBIS 2/28; MET 3/13-19]; prompts student sit-ins throughout O.T. [NYT 2/ 28; HAA 2/28 in FBIS 3/1].

In a speech in Lusaka, Zambia, Nelson Mandela says that Yasir Arafat, who is in attendance, is fighting "a unique form of colonialism and we wish him success in his struggle" [NYT, LAT 2/28].