Thursday, March 1, 1990

Brig. Gen. Shmu'el Zucker assumes duty as commander of IDF forces in Gaza; replaces Brig. Gen. Tzvi Poleg [IDF 2/28 in FBIS 3/1].

Sec. Baker indicates Bush admin. would back $400 million loan guarantee program for housing Soviet Jews in Israel only if Israel stopped settlements in O.T.; also says he favors cuts in U.S. aid to Israel, Egypt, other major recipients in order to provide money for emerging democracies [NYT, WP, WT 3/2; NYT 3/3].

Pres. Bush denies U.S. is holding direct or indirect talks with Iran or Syria about release of American hostages in Middle East [WP, WT 3/2].

Appearing before House Foreign Affairs Committee, Defense Sec. Richard Cheney defends plan to give Egypt 700 surplus U.S. tanks made obsolete by reduction of European forces, says Israel was consulted and did not object [WT 3/ 2].

Arab diplomatic sources say ACC leaders have agreed Egypt, Iraq, and Yemen Arab Republic will intervene militarily in event of Israeli military threat to Jordan [WFD 3/1 in FBIS 3/8].

British Foreign Sec. Douglas Hurd meets with PLO advisor Bassam Abu Sharif in London; Hurd reiterates Britain's objection to settling immigrants in O.T. [WAKH 3/2 in FBIS 3/2].

Speaking in Jerusalem, Shimon Peres reiterates it is not Israeli gov't. policy to settle Soviet Jews in O.T. [JDS 3/2 in FBIS 3/2].

3 trade union groups in W. Bank end 9-year rift, merge into 1 group: General Federation of Trade Unions in the West Bank, headed by Shahar Saeed [MET 3/ 13-19].

Explosion detonated by "resistance fighters" kills 2 Israelis in S. Lebanon [BDS 3/1 in FBIS 3/2]; security sources report Israel has brought additional armored reinforcements into its "security zone" in S. Lebanon [BNR 3/1 in FBIS 3/1].