Saturday, January 6, 1990


Occupied Palestine/Israel: UNLU issues supplement to Call number 50, which was distributed on 12/25 [FBIS 1/19].

Arab World: Hakam Bal'awi, PLO representative in Tunis, meets with U.S. ambassador Pelletreau as part of continuing U.S.-PLO dialogue [FBIS 1/8].

Arafat arrives in Tripoli for meeting with Qaddafi [FBIS 1/9].

Other Countries: U.S. States Dep't officials tour the Gaza Strip, visit UN offices, Jabalyia and Shati refugee camps [FJ 1/15].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gunfire is again heard near Hamat Gader area near Israeli-Jordanian border; no injuries [FBIS 1/8].

IDF places 'Anabta village under curfew [FBIS 1/8].