Friday, October 14, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: General strike is observed marking the 35th anniversary of Israel's raid on Qibya [LAT 10/15]. A poll of 1,200 Israelis reveals that 60% are willing to trade some land for peace; 46% favor trading all of the occupied territories for peace; 57% oppose talks with the PLO even if the PLO recognizes Israel and pledges to end terrorism; 71% believe that the PLO does not want peace [LAT 10/ 15]. The military lifts aweek-long curfew on Nablus [LAT 10/15].

Arab World: Hani al-Hasan, senior Fateh official, states the PLO is willing to join Jordan in political confederation in order to satisfy American and Israeli demands [WP 10/16]. Al-Hasan says he is going to Mecca to ask Islamic authorities to issue a fatwa (religious edict) telling Arabs in Israel to vote for the candidate most likely to make peace with the Palestinians [WP 10/16, CSM 10/17].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Kafr Malik troops kill Palestinian, wound another. In Ramallah 19-year-old Palestinian dies from wounds received 10/8. In Bidiya the army demolishes 5 houses and seals another. Throughout the occupied territories 9 other Palestinians are shot, wounded [LAT 10/15].