Tuesday, February 16, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: General strike is observed in most of the occupied territories [WP, NYT 2/17]. Occupied territories' civil administration lowers limit on amount of money that can be brought into W. Bank from Jordan [NYT 2/17]. Maj. Gen. Ehud Barak, Israel's deputy chief of staff and Def. Min. Rabin confirm soldiers buried 4 Palestinians alive 2/5 [WP 2/17]. Rabin announces his intention to establish military appeals court in occupied territories [CSM 2/17]. In Tel Aviv, 800 attend conference organized by Israeli intellectuals demanding Israeli government begin peace talks with Palestinians [NYT 2/18]. Israeli High Court upholds army order banning distribution of al-Quds newspaper in occupied territories [FJ 2/21]. Jewish settlers raid 'Azzah refugee camp near Bethlehem, shoot and wound 1 youth [FJ 2/21].

Arab World: UNRWA announces the suspension of all activities in Lebanon requiring intemational staff, and transfer of operations from Lebanon to Syria [FJ 2/21].

Other Countries: Israeli P.M. Shamir ends 2-day visit to Italy [WP 2/17].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli riot police halt bus carrying Palestinian high school students from Haifa to Umm al-Fahm; several students are beaten. At least 1 Palestinian is shot, wounded during clash with Israeli soldiers in Jenin. In Qabatiyyah, 2 Palestinians are shot, wounded when soldiers open fire on demonstrators [WP 2/17]. Army seizes 3 school buildings for military posts in Nablus [FJ 2/21]. Palestinian demonstrators bum tires and throw stones at entrance to Gush Qatif settlement in Gaza. In Rafah camp 4 are wounded in clash with soldiers [FJ 2/21]. In Sura and Majd villages, near Hebron, protesters bum Israeli buses. Soldiers use tear gas, rubber bullets to break up demonstration in Fawwar refugee camp, wounding 9. Protests are held in Jenin refugee camp, Duhayshah camp and Bani Na'im village [FJ 2/21].