Sunday, February 21, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: F.M. Peres confirms he wrote Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III in 1985 about Iraqi oil pipeline project [LAT 2/22]. Peres states continued support for intemational conference but rejects role for U.S.S.R. [LAT 2/22]. UN officials charge Jerusalem police and border guards conducted 2 extensive raids in Shu'fat 2/20 and 2/21, beating residents and damaging property [WP 2/22]. Police reinforcements are deployed in Jerusalem in preparation for Sec. of State Shultz's visit [LAT 2/22]. Palestinian youth from Galilee is fined IS 1,500 and sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for raising Palestinian flag and participating in illegal demonstration 12/21 [FJ 2/28].

Arab World: According to diplomats in Cairo, PLO has withdrawn threat to abandon Cairo declaration (promising not to attack Israelis outside of Israel and the occupied territories) [NYT 2/22].

Other Countries: Palestinian journalist Hanna Siniora travels to Rome to meet with PLO officials about lifting ban on talks with Shultz [NYT 2/22].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Dayr 'Ammar refugee camp near Ramallah, Palestinian is shot, killed; army says shots may have been fired by settlers [LAT 2/22]. Israeli soldiers shoot, wound Palestinian during apparent knife attack on Israeli patrol in Nablus; youth also allegedly involved in attack is killed and 4 others wounded. Army drops tear gas from helicopters to break up crowds at funeral [FJ 2/28]. At least 6 Palestinians are wounded by live ammunition during clashes in Jenin-area town of Qabatiyyah and Gaza's Khan Yunis camp [WP, LAT 2/22]. Khan Yunis is ordered under curfew. Gaza hospital officials report treating 50 for gunshot wounds, beating injuries [FJ 2/28]. Curfew remains in force in Idna; curfews are imposed in Faradis, Za'tara, and Ta'amrah villages in Bethlehem area [FJ 2/28].

Arab World: IDF units raid S. Lebanon village of Bayt al-Siyad in attempt to locate Lt. Col. William Higgins, U.S. marine kidnaped 2/17 [LAT 2/22].