Sunday, March 20, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Dozens of Palestinian activitists are reported arrested [WP 3/21]. In interview with Radio Israel, Yossi Ben Aharon, aide to P.M. Shamir, says "possibility always exists" that Israel might strike Saudi Arabian missile sites [WP 3/23]. Two Palestinians die of wounds sustained in earlier clashes: Silwad village resident injured 3/14 and Nazlat 'Isa resident injured 3/16 [FJ 3/27]. Neteuri Karta movement donates $6,000 to 2 Palestinian hospitals in W. Bank [FJ 3/27].

Arab World: U.S. envoy Philip Habib meets with Egypt's Pres. Mubarak in Cairo before flying to Amman for talks with Jordanian officials [LAT 3/21].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Bethlehem, Israeli soldier guarding govemment office building is gunned down. Assailant escapes [WP 3/21]. Troops close several framers markets in occupied territories [WP 3/21]. In 'Ubaydiyyah, near Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers demolish 2 houses whose owners are suspected of attacking collaborator. Authorities also demolish 3 houses in Silat al-Harthiyyah village whose owners firebombed an Israeli patrol. At least 2 demonstrators are injured during fierce demonstrations in Rafah's Shabura neighborhood. Several protesters are injured in clashes on W. Bank. Bethlehem and 'Azzah camp are under curfew. Yamun and Bani Na'im villages are sealed [FJ 3/27].