Wednesday, December 16, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Commercial strike continues in E. Jerusalem, Nablus, and Ramallah [FJ 12/20]. Police use tear gas to break up demonstration by Arab and Jewish Hebrew U. students outside P. M. Shamir's residence [FBIS 12/17; FJ 12/20]. Group of 12 Balatah refugee camp residents file complaint against defense minister and military commander of occupied territories in Israeli High Court charging border guards used excessive force in controlling demonstrations [FJ 12/20].

Other Countries: U.S. Senate passes measure temporarily prohibiting denial of visas to and expulsion of foreigners because of their political beliefs; bill also includes provision to close PLO observer mission to UN and PIO in Washington, D.C. [NYT 12/17].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli army sends reinforcements into Gaza Strip. In Jabalya refugee camp, at least 3 Palestinians are shot, wounded when troops open fire on crowd demonstrating atfuneral of youth killed 12/15; about 20 others are arrested. Israeli soldier is stabbed in Rafah; members of patrol open fire, wounding at least 3. Army fails to break general strike [NYT 12/17]. Israel begins using water canons to control demonstrating crowds in occupied territories. Widespread arrests are reported [WP 12/17]. Tire-burning, bottle-throwing demonstrators clash with soldiers in Jerusalem [FJ 12/20].

Arab World: Israeli troops enter eastern Lebanon, battle Lebanese militias, killing 1 [FJ 12/20].