Monday, January 18, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Commercial strike in E. Jerusalem continues [CSM 1/19]. Shops in W. Bank cities remain closed despite army attempts to break strike. In Balatah refugee camp, Palestinian shot by soldiers in December dies in hospital [FJ 1/24]. In Gaza Strip's Bayt Hanun village, 8 dunums of citrus trees are destroyed; Israeli officials claim stonethrowing youths hid in grove [FJ 1/24].

Other Countries: U.S. vetoes UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli attack on Lebanon [WP, NYT 1/19]. In Helsinki, U.S.S.R. agrees to permit official Israeli visit [FBIS 1/20]. Canadian officials say they are investigating immigration case of Palestinian Mahmud Muhammad 'Isa Muhammad, convicted in 1970 of blowing up El Al plane [FJ 1/24].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Military imposes curfews on 'Askar and Balatah refugee camps [FJ 1/24]. Palestinian youth is shot, wounded in clash between demonstrators and IDF troops in Qabatiyyah [FJ 1/24].