Wednesday, January 20, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: General strike in E. Jerusalem, W. Bank, and Gaza Strip continues despite military efforts to open stores [WP, CSM 1/21]. In Gaza Strip, 7 refugee camps remain under curfew. Accident involving stone-throwing youths and police jeep in E. Jerusalem suburb of 'Isawiyyah leaves 1 youth, 2police officers injured [LAT 1/21]. Army, police, and Jerusalem officials confirm that under new agreement Jerusalem police can request emergency powers from military, allowing them to impose curfews, force shops to open [NYT 1/2 1]. Israel announces capture of 3 Palestinians accused of 1986 attempted murder of soldier [FBIS 1/21; FJ 1/24]. In Burqin, near Salfit, Jewish settlers attack houses; 1 resident is beaten [FJ 1/24]. Israeli officials order Hebron Polytechnic closed indefinitely [FJ 1/24].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli soldiers kill 3 armed Palestinians shortly after they cross Israel's northern border from Lebanon. Fateh claims responsibility for infiltration. At least 20 stone-throwing Palestinian demonstrators aearrested during violent riots in al-Ram, near Jerusalem. Reports indicate many residents of Shu'fat in E. Jerusalem are detained, beaten by border police in nighttime crackdown on alleged protesters [WP 1/21; FJ 1/24]. Violent clashes between demonstrators and Israeli troops are reported in E. Jerusalem and numerous W. Bank refugee camps, villages, and towns. More than 50 Palestinians are beaten by Israeli troops in Gaza Strip camp [CSM, LAT 1/21]. Estimated 100 youth are beaten in army raid of Jenin-district vllage of 'Arrabah [FJ 1/24]. Arab World: Amal militiamen end 3-year siege of Beirut's Burj al-Barajinah and Shatila refugee camps [WP 1/21]. At Fez U., students demonstrating in solidarity with Palestinians in occupied territories and against regime clash with police, soldiers; 9 demonstrators are wounded, and 1 dies later of injuries [FBIS 1/22].