Sunday, February 7, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Nablus-area village of Burqa, Palestinian child dies of gunshot woundsuffered during demonstration 2/5 [NYT 2/8; FJ 2/14]. Dayr al-Balah youth dies in E. Jerusalem hospital from army-inflicted head injuries [WP 2/8]. General strike is observed throughout E. Jerusalem, W. Bank, and Gaza Strip. All government schools in E. Jerusalem are ordered closed [NYT 2/8]. Unanimous finding by Israeli High Court calls for creation of appeals court in Gaza Strip and W. Bank. Strike by Gaza's 300 Palestinian lawyers enters 6th week [NYT 2/9]. Palestinian youths riot in East Tapiot, Jewish neighborhood in E. Jerusalem, breaking windows, blockading streets, and fighting police. Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets to break up crowd [LAT 2/9].

Arab World: Iraqi Foreign Ministry official denies having direct contacts with Israeli officials during 1985 negotiations to build oil pipeline [WP 2/5].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Bayt Ummar, village north of Hebron, Israeli forces fire into crowd of stone throwers, killing 3, wounding at least 7. In nearby Bayt Fajjar, residents burn bus used to transport workers to Israel; at least 10 are wounded in clash between villagers and army. At least 1 is shot during demonstration in Halhul. In village of Jabal al-Mukabir, soldiers close off 2 roads after stone throwers attack Jewish houses. Police use military-delegated emergency powers to impose curfew on Jerusalem refugee camp after violent demonstrations in 4 E. Jerusalem neighborhoods [NYT, WP 2/8]. Violent demonstrations and clashes with police are reported in Jerusalem's Thuri quarter, 'Isawiyyah village, and nearby Silwan village. At least 9 are injured by police trying to disperse demonstrations. Shu'fat camp, north of Jerusalem, isordered under curfew after violent nightlong demonstration [FJ 2/14]. Military imposes curfews in Qalqiliyyah, 'Aqbat Jabir refugee camp, Tulkarm-area village of Hibla, Bayt 'Ur al-Tahta, and Kafr Malik after violent demonstrations. In Tulkarm, curfew is temporarily lifted to allow food distribution. Curfews continue in Nablus, old and new 'Askar camps, 'Ayn Bayt al-Ma', Tulkarm camp, Bani Na'im, 'A'idah camp, Jalazun camp, Am'ari camp, and 'Arrub camp [FJ 2/14]. Reports indicate 2 villagers are shot, killed: 1 during demonstration i Tulkarm, another in clash in Ayyub. Both demonstrations are instigated by rumors of settler attacks against Palestinians [WP 2/10]. UN officials report treating 37 residents of Jabalya refugee camp for beating injuries after army raid. At least 1 is shot, wounded in Khan Yunis [WP 2/8]. Soldiers conducting search for stone throwers in Burayj camp, seize youth, beat him, and leave him in orange grove; boy dies in hospital [LAT 2/9]. Arab World: PLO fighters surround house near 'Ayn al-Hilwah in S. Lebanon where gunmen are believed to be holding 2 UNRWA employees [LAT 2/8].