Thursday, September 17, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: At Hebron University, police use tear gas and live ammunition to disperse student demonstration marking 5th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila massacres. Demonstrators in Ramallah, al-Birah, and Gaza burn tires, construct barricades, and force stores to close [LAT, FJ 9/20]. Birzeit University administration voluntarily closes university following student demonstrations [FJ 9/20]. Police disperse demonstrators protesting detention of Faysal Husayni, arrest Ishaq al-Budayri, assistant director of Arab Studies Society [FJ 9/20]. Arsonists set fire to 25 dunams of Jewish National Fund forest near Jenin UPI 9/26]. At al-Najah U., Islamic Bloc says it will not accept new university rules governing campus mosque, religious celebrations. Other student groups accept new regulations [FJ 9/20]. Walid Zurba of Jerusalem wins court order preventing Israeli developer from buying rooms in his house [FJ 9/20]. Israeli Ministry of Trade renounces measures adopted by inner cabinet to sever some economic and cultural ties with S. Africa [WP 9/20].

Other Countries: Fawwaz Yunis, Lebanese Shi'i, pleads not guilty in U.S. court to charges related to June 1985 hijacking of Jordanian plane. Attorney Gen. Edwin Meese announces Yunis was captured 9/13 after being lured onto FBI-rented yacht in Mediterranean [WP 9/18; NYT 9/19].