Tuesday, September 22, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: A-Sha'b editor Salah Zuhaykah begins 2d consecutive town arrest order [FJ 9/20]. Prisoners at Tulkarm Prison launch hunger strike, refuse to see visitors to protest harsh treatment [FJ 9/27]. Curfew on Dahayshah refugee camp is lifted [FJ 9/27]. Unidentified arsonists attempt to burn 27 Israeli cars in French Hill section of Jerusalem. Residents extinguish fires [FJ 9/27]. Body of murdered Nadir al-Zu'bi is found in Nazareth [FJ 9/27]. U.S. company negotiating to drill new well near Bethlehem withdraws from project [FJ 9/27]. U.S. consul in Jerusalem visits home of Walid Zurba [FJ 9/27]. Israeli crews bulldoze 120 dunams of grapevines and fig trees on Arab-owned land in Gaza's al-Zaytun quarter [FJ 9/27]. Israeli court decides in favor of Mahmud Jarallah in 10-year-long dispute with Israeli company over ownership of 1,000 dunams of land in Yallo, near Ramallah [FJ 9/27]. Mustafa 'Abd al-Nabi Natshah, former mayor of Hebron, is prevented from traveling to Britain [FJ 9/27].

Arab World: Businesses throughout Lebanon close in 1-day strike to demand government take action to stabilize economy [CSM 9/23]. Dr. Nabil al-Ja'bari, chairman of board of trustees of Hebron U., and Mukhlis al-Hamuri, director of public relations, arrive in Amman [FJ 9/27].

Other Countries: Accused hijacker Fawwaz Yunis is denied bail in U.S. court [WP, NYT 9/23].