Monday, September 28, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Qalqiliyyah district town of jinsafut, 3 are killed, 20 wounded in clash between Bashir and Nassar families [FJ 10/4]. In Bayt Safafa south of Jerusalem, 2 unidentified attackers stab a taxi driver [FJ 10/4]. Israeli authorities revoke residence papers of Mubarak 'Awad, Palestinian-American who is director of Jerusalem's Palestine Center for the Study of Nonviolence [NYT 9/29]. Al-Sha'b reports Palestinians from Jenin area have filed protests against Israeli plan to expel 'Abd al-Nasir Abu 'Aziz when he is released after 5-years imprisonment [FJ 10/4]. Bethlehem Water Authority director protests W. Jerusalem decision to connect Bayt Safafa to Israeli water system [FJ 10/4]. Bethlehem Mayor Ilyas Furayj begins visit to U.S. [FJ 10/4]. Israeli officials allow youth clubs in Yatta village and Balata refugee camp to reopen [FJ 10/4].

Other Countries: U.S. releases declassified testimony of National Security Council consultant Michael Ledeen. Ledeen testified that Reagan administration approved Israeli request for original shipment of artillery toIran [WP 9/29]. Letter to Reagan administration from 64 senators opposing U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia is released to public [WP 9/29]. In Los Angeles, Israeli F. M. Shimon Peres states intemational peace conference is still a possibility but time is running out [LAT 9/30].