Saturday, May 23, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli police teargas worshippers gathered at Damascus Gate to mark Laylat al-Qadr; police do not interfere with estimated 2,000 worshippers marching in courtyard ofal-Aqsa Mosque [FJ 5/31]. Palestinian boy is injured when Jewish man attempts to kidnap him in Jerusalem's Old City [FJ 5/31]. Nephew of Jenin's appointed mayor is shot and seriously wounded in Jenin [FJ 5/31]. Israeli troops use tear gas to disperse stone-throwing student demonstrators at Gaza Islamic University but do not break into campus; students were protesting iron fist policies [FJ 5/31].

Other Countries: Genoa, Italy appeals court upholds in absentia conviction of Palestine Liberation Front leader Muhammad 'Abbas (Abu al-'Abbas) and 3 other PLF leaders for their role in Achille Lauro hijacking; prison terms of others accused in connection with hijacking are also upheld [FJ 5/31].