Wednesday, June 24, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Over 400,000 Arabs from within the green line join in general strike to demand equal rights and end to discriminatory practices [JP 6/25; FJ 6/28]. Palestinian woman is shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers who open fire after stone-throwing incident [FJ 6/24]. Meir Kahane and followers attack 2 Jerusalem residents at Damascus Gate [FJ 6/28]. Israeli military court convicts officer and 5 soldiers of torturing Palestinian prisoners at Ansar II detention center [FJ 6/28]. Nablus military court imposes 4 and one-half-year prison sentence on landbroker 'Abdullah 'Awdah on charges of land fraud in W. Bank [FJ 6/28].

Arab World: 'Ali 'Usayran, son of Lebanese defense minister, and his driver are released by their kidnappers; American Charles Glass is still being held [WP 6/25].

Other Countries: Congressional panel investigating Iran-contraffair details CIA role in Israel's November 1985 shipment of American arms to Iran [WP 6/25]. Amnesty International adopts Faysal Husayni, director of Arab Studies Society who was arrested 4/13, as a prisoner of conscience [FJ 6/28].