Monday, April 6, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Military court finds Al-Najah U. Prof. Sa'eb Erakat guilty of incitement in connection with an editorial calling for Palestinians to "learn how to endure and reject and resist" all forms of occupation; 'Iraqat's lawyer is appealing the decision to the High Court, asking court to decide the limits of free speech in the occupied territories [NYT 4/7]. Estimated 200 women, many relatives of prisoners, join in peaceful march from Jerusalem's Red Cross offices to Damascus Gate where it is broken up by police; 11 women are arrested [FJ 4/12]. Military authority imposes curfew on Ramallah town center after student demonstration. The Friends Boys School is ordered closed for 1 week [FJ 4/12]. Israeli, after thrown stone breaks his windshield, opens fire on East Jerusalem's Salah al-Din Street, wounds 2 Palestinians [FJ 4/12]. Military court orders 'Abd al-Fattah Ziyarah expelled from Gaza to Egypt [FJ 4/12].

Other Countries: Israeli Pres. Herzog arrives in W. Germany for official state visit [WT 4/6; FT 4/7]. Herzog and W. German Pres. von Weizsacker visit Bergen-Belsen concentration camp [LT 4/7].

Military Action

Arab World: Cease-fire allows 5 truck-loads of food donated by Kuwait to enter Beirut's Shatila refugee camp, the second supply operation since November [GU 4/7].