Sunday, September 7, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: F.M. Shamir says he will never concede territories in exchange for peace. Survey shows 45,000 settlers are now in occupied territories among 1.3 million Palestinians (MEI 9/14).

Arab World: At Tunis press conference, PLO Deputy Chairman Abu lyad says PLO opposes terrorist acts, individual and state-sponsored, following Karachi and Istanbul incidents (FJ 9/12). U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Murphy in Damascus for talks with Syrian President al-Asad; Asad stresses importance of international conference (MEI 9/14). Syria has ordered most of Abu Nidal's group in Damascus to leave, and detained 14 (including Abu Nidal's nephew 'Abd al-Karim al-Banna, who was released after two weeks following Libyan intervention), according to al-Ittihad (Abu Dhabi) (AFP 9/7).

Other Countries: Nonaligned movement conference in Hararends; accuses U.S. of ''state terrorism" in bombing of Libya; calls on U.S. to "end unprovoked aggression against Libyas well as military maneuvers in Gulf of Sidra (NYT 9/8). Pakistan's President Zia al-Haq says Pan Am terrorists have no apparent connection to any government; will be tried in Pakistan (under threat of death penalty); says Palestinian hijacking in Pakistan showed "bad taste" but would not reduce Pakistan's support for Palestinian cause (NYT 9/8).

Military Action

Arab World: Israel Navy reimposes blockade of port of Sidon; intercepts three commercial vessels, prevents them from entering port. State of emergency declared in Palestinian camps near Sidon for fear of Israeli attack (FBIS 9/8).