Wednesday, September 10, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli officials say Ivory Coast will open embassy in Jerusalem on 9/15 (MEI 9/12).

Arab World: Negotiations over Taba end with agreemento go to arbitration, permitting 9/11 Peres-Mubarak meeting (CSM 9/12).

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF intercept Palestinian Liberation Front fighters in rubber dinghy as they attempto reach Nahariya, Israeli seaside resort; fighters escape to Lebanon, but are later captured by Amal militiamen (NYT 9/11, 9/14). PLO Chairman Arafat appeals for their release (AFP 9/10). Israeli cabinet meets to set "guidelines" for Peres-Mubarak summit (NYT 9/9).

Arab World: IDF air raid aimed at Palestinian ammunition dump in Sidon devastates civilian industrial district, kills three, wounds 17, ruins at least 20 workshops and factories with little damage to dump. Raid is response to attempted Palestinian attack on Nahariya (WP, NYT 9/11).