Wednesday, October 15, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Israel, transfer of power is postponed indefinitely. Knesset passes vote of confidence in Shamir (NYT 10/16). One person killed, 70 injured in Jerusalem as three grenades are thrown at group of IDF soldiers in swearing-in ceremony at Western Wall; area is sealed off as police search for suspects (NYT, WP 10/16). Responsibility for attack is claimed by PLO, DFLP, and Abu Nidal group (NYT 10/17). Twenty-nine Palestinians, including six children under 11, are detained (FJ 10/17).

Other Countries: At UN, representatives of nine countries involved in UNIFIL meet to discuss new protective measures. UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellar proposes spending an extra $10.5 million on 30 armored vehicles, reinforcement of UNIFIL positions, creation of three new positions, and shifting of headquarters (JP 10/6).