Wednesday, May 28, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli press reports F.M. Shamir covered up actions of Shin Bet in connection with April 1984 killings of 2 Palestinians while he was P.M. [PE 5/29]. Secret commission of inquiry to investigate allegations against Shin Bet is proposed in Knesset, instead of police inquiry [LT 5/29]. 'Osman Bani Hassan, 19, and 'Azza Sa'adi, 18, both of Afula, are given life sentences plus 20 years for murdering 2 Israeli teachers [BG 5/29].

Other Countries: Tass reports that Gorbachev-Khaddam meeting agreed to intensify efforts to convene intemational conference on M.E. with participation of all parties concemed, including the PLO.

Military Action

Arab World: Nineteen killed, 50 wounded in Amal-Palestinian fighting at 3 refugee camps in south Beirut [BG 5/29].