Monday, August 4, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Two West Bankers - Muhammad 'Ali Muhammad Faraj, 18, from Dheisheh camp, and Khamis Tawfiq Abu Kishik, 20, from Fara'a camp - are arrested and placed under 6-month administrative detention, without being charged or tried [FJ 8/8]. Egyptian-Israeli talks on Taba open [NYT 8/11].

Other Countries: Reagan administration says 8 Israeli officials in New York are contesting subpoenas issued in investigation of whether Israel illegally exported cluster bomb technology to Israel [NYT 8/5]. Soviet Union announces it will start discussions with Israel this month on the opening of consulates [NYT 8/5].

Military Action

Arab World: Syrian and Lebanese soldiers deploy in Shi'ite suburbs of Beirut [NYT 8/5]. Bomb kills 2, wounds 28 in East Beirut cafe [BG 8/5].