Monday, December 30, 1985


Arab World: King Hussein arrives in Damascus for talks with Pres. Asad, first meeting between the 2 since 1979 [NYT, WP 12/31]. Jordanian officials say 2 countries will soon exchange ambassadors [MG 12/31].

Other Countries: Austrian Interior Min. Blecha states 2 surviving gunmen from airport attacks say they belong to Abu Nidal faction, originally intended to take Israelis hostage, hijack El Al airplane [WP, LAT 12/31]. Pres. Reagan clarifies position, says it would be "fine with us" if Israel retaliated for airport attacks [WP, BG 12/31]. Greek official states Greece and PLO agree to cooperate in fighting terrorism [BG 12/31].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli is shot and wounded in central Hebron; attacker escapes, area is curfewed UTA, JP 12/31]. Israeli troops shoot 2 local residents who refuse to halt for I. D. check in wake of attack [MG, JP 12/31].