Wednesday, January 8, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Ten MKs investigating reports of illegal construction on the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) anger crowd of Muslims by attempting to take photographs; Israeli police use tear gas and night sticks to rescue them. [LAT, LT 1/9] Raphael Eitan, purported head of Israeli espionage operation in Washington, is chosen chairman of the board for Israel Chemicals [NYT 1/9].

Arab World: Anti-government demonstrators at three Egyptian universities call for vengeance in death of Sulayman Khatir [CT, LT 1/9].

Other Countries: Pres. Reagan freezes several hundred million dollars' worth of Libyan govt. assets held in U.S. financial institutions [LAT, BG 1/9]. Reagan administration releases 13-page white paper on Libya listing 58 incidents of politically motivated violence during past 6 years which it links to Libya [LAT 1/9].

Military Action

Arab World: Syrian Faysal Fu'ad Hasan, from Salamiyyah village, is hanged in Damascus on charges of supplying Israel with information on Syrian security [JP 1/9].