Thursday, September 26, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli army bulldozes home of suspect accused of killing Israeli reservist one month earlier in Hebron's old market [JP, JTA 9/27]. Israeli court awards Ariel Sharon $2,000 for court costs in Israel in suit against Time magazine, rules Time defamed former defense minister [CSM 9/27]. Israel asks Cyprus to extradite 3 arrested in Lamaca for murder of 3 Israelis to Israel for trial [NYT 9/27]. Min. of Econ. and Planning Gad Ya'acobi reports an association of S. American businessmen interested ininvesting in Israel, particularly govt. -owned companies, is being formed UP 9/27]. High Court reduces jail sentence of Jewish underground defendant Gilad Peli from 10 to 4.5 years after he expressed remorse for his deeds and cooperated during the investigation [JP 9/27].

Military Action: Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli bus near Halhul is fired upon, injuring 7; curfew is imposed. Anonymous phone caller to Agence France Presse office in Jerusalem claims credit on behalf of Fateh's Force 17. Hundreds of Kiryat Arba settlers rampage through Halhul around midnight, smashing windows and cars, and attacking a mosque [JP 9/27, 29]. A roadside bomb is detonated by remote control on the Jerusalem-Ma'aleh Adumim highway asa car is passing; no injuries [JP 9/29]. Firebomb is thrown at another Egged bus as it passes Mt. Zion; no injuries [JTA 9/27]. Bomb explodes behind bus stop on Mt. Scopus, injuring 2;6 suspects arrested [JP 9/27].

Arab World: Israeli air force raids alleged Abu Musa base in Majdalun, Biqa' Valley, slightly injuring 1 [LT 9/28].