Tuesday, October 1, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Order closing 5- month-old al-Darb newspaper takes effect. Attomey for the paper's publisher is able to schedule High Court hearing for case for 10/6 [FJ 10/4].

Arab World: King Hussein meets with key U.S. congressmen to discuss proposed U.S. arms sale to Jordan [WP 10/2].

Other Countries: Pentagon officials meet Israeli diplomats, ask for list of U.S. weapons used in Tunis air raid [DT 10/4]. EEC countries empower their president to meet a joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation, following Britain's decision to invite the delegation, including 2 prominent PLO members, to London for talks [JP 10/2].

Military Action

Arab World: Israel bombs PLO headquarters in Tunis, claiming retaliation for Lamaca killings and W. Bank violence; 61 Palestinians and 12 Tunisians killed, over 100 injured. 8 U.S.-made F-15s and 8 F- 16s used in the attack, raising speculation Israel may have violated U.S. Arms Export Control Act. White House spokesman Larry Speakes describes attack as a "legitimate response" to "terrorist atacks" [NYT, JP 10/2]. Jordan and Egypt condemn raid, vow to continue peace process. Egypt suspends Taba discussions in protest [NYT 10/2]. Saudi Arabia calls for UN sanctions against Israel. England, Greece, Czechoslovakia, China, Rumania, France, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Jewish leaders condemn raid [NYT 10/2; MG, LT 10/3]. Washington claims no advance knowledge of the attack [NYT 10/2]. Three SLA soldiers killed by unidentified gunmen in the security zone [JP 10/2].