Sunday, October 6, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli officials state Egyptian responsible for killing Israelis in the Sinai was a soldier, not a police, man, and therefore was in the area in violation of the 1978 Camp David accords. Israelis also state Egyptians prevented medical help from reaching the victims in time [NYT, WP, LAT, 10/7]. Egyptian officials state the gunman will be court-martialed by the police force [BG 10/7]. Israelis demand a full report on the incident within 48 hours [FT 10/7]. Chicago Tribune reports Israel is quietly developing trade ties with China in hopes of establishing diplomatic relations with that country [CT 10/6].

Arab World: Egyptian students mark the 12th anniversary of the 1973 October War with demonstrations against the Israeli air raid on Tunis and calls for Pres. Mubarak to expel the Israeli ambassador [LT 10/7].

Other Countries: U.S. authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Califomia scientist Richard Smyth, 55, of Milco International Company in Huntington Beach, which, according to a Los Angeles grand jury indictment, illegally exported to Israel over a 2-year period 15 shipments of krytrons, tiny electronic triggering devices necessary in constructing nuclear warheads. Smyth and his wife Emilie jumped bail and disappeared before his trial was scheduled to begin; he is presumed to be in Israel [LT 10/6].