Monday, October 14, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Five Palestinians are sentenced to life imprisonment for alleged kidnap, torture, and murder of Dani Katz, 15, in December 1983 [LT 10/15]. Israeli military asks SLA to stop harassing UNIFIL troops in Lebanon following reports of serious incidents involving the SLA [JP 10/15].

Arab World: The Times quotes senior PLO official as saying the organization is near bankruptcy because Arab countries have not met their financial commitments [LT, MG 10/14]. U.S. State Dept. spokesman says body of man washed up near Syrian port of Tartus may be that of Leon Klinghoffer [NYT 10/15]. Tunis branch of the Palestine Liberation Front issues statement acknowledging the real target of the hijackers of the Achille Lauro was the Israeli port of Ashdod [WP 10/15]. Pres. Mubarak demands public apology from the U.S. to "all Egyptians" for interception of Egyptian plane carrying 4 hijackers [WP, LAT 10/15].

Other Countries: Britain calls off talks with joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation on M.E. peace process, saying the Palestinian members of the delegation refused to sign a previously agreed upon statement renouncing "terrorism" and explicitly recognizing Israel's right to exist. The Palestinians state they had not seen the statement before and could not sign it unless it had already been approved by the entire PLO Executive Committee. British For. Sec. Geoffrey Howe states he is "very disappointed and surprised" by the PLO delegates' refusal to do so [NYT, WP, DT 10/15]. The EEC announces its decision to cancel scheduled talks with the joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation following Britain's decision [DT 10/15]. UN General Assembly averts U.S. boycott by dropping invitation to Yasir Arafat to attend 40th anniversary commemoration [NYT, WP 10/15]. The Times reports China and North Korea have denied entry to Kozo Okamoto, only survivor of the Japanese Red Army attack on Lod airport in 1972, who was released in the 5/20 prisoner exchange [LT 10/14]. The Guardian reports Spanish police are nearly positive the corpses of 2 Israelis found in Barcelona were members of Mossad [MG 10/14]. President of Ivory Coast announces his country is prepared to renew ties with Israel [JP 10/15].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gasoline bomb thrown at Israeli bus near Ramallah slightly injures 1 passenger [JP 10/15].

Arab World: Israeli fighter bombers fly deep into Jordanian territory at dawn; no attacks reported [NYT 10/15]. Syria states a shoulder-held missile was recently fired at an Israeli jet near the Golan Heights but missed its target. Syria sent a formal apology to Israel for the attack, saying it was ordered by a junior-level commander and did not reflect a change in Syria's adherence to the cease-fire. Israel reportedly accepted the explanation [NYT, WP 10/15].