Wednesday, October 16, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Peres arrives in Washington for talks with Reagan administration [NYT, LAT 10/17]. MK Meir Kahane is granted "certificate of identity" by U.S. consulate in Jerusalem [WP 10/17]. Knesset members walk out during half-hour speech by MK Meir Kahane in which he condemns Education Ministry's plans to sponsor meetings between Israeli and Palestinian students [JP 10/17].

Arab World: Tunisian Pres. Habib Bourguiba is reportedly at odds with most of his main advisors over whether to allow the PLO to retain its political headquarters in Tunis; Bourguiba is said to favor having the PLO leave, while his cabinet is arguing for closer relations with the rest of the Arab world [NYT 10/17]. King Hussein cuts short vacation in Northern Scotland and holds talks with British Foreign Office Minister for the M.E. Timothy Reton following failure of British to meet 2 PLO officials. Hussein then returns to 'Amman for talks with the PLO [DT 10/17]. Egyptian pilot of intercepted plane states U.S. jet fighters threated to fire on him if he did not agree to land in Sicily [MG 10/17]. Anti-American demonstrations erupt in Cairo for 2nd time in 4 days; leaders of opposition parties meet with Mubarak to ask that he sever relations with the U.S. and Israel [LAT 10/17].

Other Countries: U.S. announces body of man found on Syrian coast has been "positively identified" as that of Leon Klinghoffer [NYT 10/17]. UN General Assembly rejects attempt by 18 Arab states to oust Israel from the assembly. Egypt, Jordan, and Oman do not join in the effort [NYT 10/17]. Italian govt. falls over Achille Lauro affair. Republican party of Defense Minister Giovanni Spadolini withdraws from coalition in protest of decision to let Muhammad 'Abbas go free [NYT 10/17]. Socialist International, meeting in Vienna, lambasts Irael for Tunis air raid; speakers from Labor and Social Democratic parties from 10 countries (including Austria, W. Germany, Italy, and Tunisia) condemn the raid. Statement is issued at conclusion calling for political negotiations without preconditions, stating "all parties involved in the conflict must take part" [JP 10/17]. Spain's consul-general says Spain is expected to establish diplomatic ties with Israel by 31 December 1985, the day Spain is scheduled to enter the EEC [JP 10/18].