Thursday, October 24, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Mayor Iliyas Furayj of Bethlehem and Hanna Siniora, editor of al-Fajr newspaper, leave separately for 'Amman for talks with "very high up people"; Furayj says he will discuss "municipal matters," Siniora says he will discuss "how we can repair the damage between the Jordanians and the Palestinians" [LT 10/25]. Finance Min. Yitzhak Moda'i states plans for 6 new settlements in the W. Bank will not be implemented despite his earlier statements to that effect [JP 10/25]. Negev Bedouin refuse to elect delegation to represent them on Supreme Committee on Bedouin Affairs, chaired by advisor on Arab affairs Yosef Ganat [JP 10/25]. Ariel Sharon states in TV interview Jordan must remove PLO bases from its territory as condition for negotiating with Israel [MG 10/25].

Arab World: King Hussein meets with Pres. Mubarak in 'Amman to discuss Peres' proposals for direct talks. Hussein states at press conference that U.S. Congress will not force him to negotiate directly with Israel by delaying arms sales to Jordan [NYT, CSM 10/25]. Al-Quds newspaper in Jerusalem reports Jordan has ordered several PLO offices in 'Amman closed, ordered staff reductions at others, and has refused permission to enter to several PLO commanders, including the head of Fateh's Force 17, Abu Tayyib, and Muhammad Milham, PLO Executive Committee member who refused to sign statement prepared by Brit. For. Min. denouncing use of violence and recognizing Israel's right to exist. (Move follows Arafat's recent cancellation of trip to 'Amman, reported failure of Arafat's deputy Khaled al-Hasan to reach understanding during recent talks with King Hussein on breakdown in talks with British For. Min.). Jordanian army units are reportedly strengthened near PLO camps [JP, FJ 10/25; LT 10/271]. Reports indicate Bishop Iliyas Khuri, PLO Executive Committee member, has signaled his wish to resign over embarrassment due to recent cancellation of talks with British Foreign Ministry [JP 10/25].

Other Countries: State Dept. announces Asst. Sec. of State Richard Murphy made unpublicized trip to Jordan this week to give King Hussein private assurances from P.M. Peres about sincere desire for negotiations. Murphy then flies to New York for talks with Shultz, and later joins Shultz in talks with Peres [NYT 10/25]. U.S. Senate votes 97 to 1 to postpone Pres. Reagan's proposed $1.9 billion arms sale to Jordan until 1 March unless Jordan begins direct peace negotiations with Israel before then [WP, PI 10/25]. Hussein charges U.S. with "reneging" and "blackmail" [WP 10/25]. European Parliament votes to back "with all its available means" P.M. Shimon Peres' peace plan; resolution calls for recognition of the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people, calls for PLO participation in peace process. Resolution proposed by Socialist group, backed by Italian Communists [JTA 10/25]. French For. Min. Roland Dumas temporarily postpones upcoming visit to Israel to express "displeasure" over 10/1 Israeli air strike on PLO base in Tunis [JTA 10/25].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Shots are fired at Israeli motorist on Jerusalem-Jericho road as he changes a flat. Area is curfewed; no arrests made [JP 10/25].