Thursday, October 31, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Yuval Ne'eman, head of the Tehiya party, claims to have seen and copied secret documents outlining power-sharing between Jordan and Israel over control of the West Bank; Ne'eman claims the working paper gives control of West Bank cities and the Old City of Jerusalem to Jordan. Peres denies existence of such a document [CT, LAT, JP 11/1]. Energy Min. Moshe Shahal of Labor party states Jordan has offered to supply electricity to the W. Bank, Israel is considering the proposal. Most of the area now is hooked up to the Israeli electric grid [CT, LAT 11/1]. High Court rules MK Meir Kahane may introduce bills containing racist language in the Knesset despite Knesset Presidium attempts to bar him. Kahane introduces 2 bills: one states only Jews may become citizens of Israel; other bans marriages between Jews and non-Jews [JTA 11/1; JWP 11/8].

Arab World: Der Spiegel reports PLO's financial assets top $6 billion, states PLO controls 70% of Jordan's economy [JP 10/31].

Military Action

Arab World: Israeli warplanes stage mock raids over suspected Palestinian and Druze bases in Shuf Mountains east of Beirut, drawing heavy anti-aircraft fire but doing no damage [CT 11/1]