Monday, November 4, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jerusalem Post reports settler magazine Aleph Yud carries call for settlers to "prepare for civil war" [JP 11/4; JTA 11/6]. Knesset House Committee unanimously agrees to continue preparing amendment to house rules which would prevent introduction of racist or discriminatory legislation [JP 11/5]. Education Ministry orders youth weekly Hamtzan be barred from distribution in high schools after attorney general rules an article in it may constitute call to insurrection; article argues for need for "civil war for the sake of peace" [JP 11/10]. Two thousand demonstrators outside Knesset rally in favor of bill against racism [JP 11/5].

Arab World: Yasir Arafat arrives in Cairo for talks with Pres. Mubarak [NYT 11/5]. Saudi Arabia denies Israeli claims made before UN that Saudi Arabia exports oil to S. Africa, states Saudi Arabia is firmly committed to total embargo against S. Africa [JC 11/4].

Other Countries: Washington Post reports pro-Israel PACs in U.S. gave more money to Republicans than Democrats in first 6 months of this year, a sharp break from previous contribution pattems [WP 11/4].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Bomb explodes in Haifa; no injuries [JTA 11/5]. Another bomb goes off in Ashkelon; no casualties [JTA 11/5].

Arab World: Suicide bomber 'Amir al-Aathar, 24, drives into SLA post in security zone, killing at least 3 in 2nd such attack in 24 hours; Syrian Social Nationalist party claims responsibility [BG 11/5].