Tuesday, July 23, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Prime Minister Peres states only 2 of 7 names on list are acceptable to Israeli government: Hanna Siniora and Fayez Abu Rahmeh. Other 5 are rejected because they representhe PLO or its "constituent bodies" [LAT 7/23]. Large sit-in protest is staged outside Hospice Hospital in Jerusalem's Old City to protest closure of its surgery unit. Press conference held at the hospital announces a general strike for 7/24 to protest impending closure [FJ 8/26]. Israeli soldiers break into homes in Dheisheh camp in West Bank, harass residents, and damage property. No arrests reported [FJ 7/26].

Arab World: Reuters reports 4 Israeli warships shelled Sidon, targeting militia [FT 7/24]. Honduran-registered cargo ship sinks during the shelling; 3 civilians are wounded during shore bombardment. Israeli navy asserts the merchant ship fired first [NYT 7/24].