Wednesday, July 24, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: All shops close in East Jerusalem in general strike to protest Israeli closure of the Hospice Hospital in Jerusalem's Old City [FJ 7/26]. P. M. Peres says Israel should not give up part of Golan Heights in deal with U.S.S.R. for emigration of Soviet Jews UP 7/25]. Kiryat Arba's new nine-member local council - pledged to firing its Arab employees, pressing private businesses to do likewise, and to preventing economic ventures with Arab investors - is formally installed; dozens of secular residents enter building to protest [JP 7/25]. Israeli civil administration governing the occupied territories announces high school matriculation exam results improved on West Bank this year; schools were closed less than in the past; 64 percent of West Bank students passed their exams this year, compared with 54 percent last year [JP 7/25].

Arab World: Jordanian diplomat Ziad Sati, 40, is assassinated in Turkey; Islamic Jihad takes credit [CSM 7/26, NYT 7/25].

Other Countries: Reagan administration presents Middle East arms transfer study to special closed session of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee as basis for request to sell new arms to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Congressional supporters of Israel warn administration against pursuing the arms sale, saying it would provoke an "enormously divisive" debate [WP 7/24, 25, JTA 7/25, BG 7/26].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel frees 74 Lebanese Shi'a, 6 Lebanese Sunnis, and 20 Palestinians held at Atlit prison since April, when Israel transferred 1,200 detainees from its Ansar prison in south Lebanon to Israel. Three hundred are still in detention. Any prisoner now detained in south Lebanon by Israel is sent to new prison run by SLA at Khiyam village, in the security zone [NYT 7/24].