Friday, July 26, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Police find the bodies of 2 Afula schoolteachers missing since 7/21-Yosef Eliahu, 35, and Lea Elmakais, 19-in a cave in northern Israel; Eliahu had been shot. Police say deaths do not appear to be politically motivated. An anti-Arab rampage breaks out in Afula. A number of Palestinians are hospitalized. Cars are stoned and property is damaged. Twenty rioters are arrested [NYT 7/27]. Hakawati Theater in East Jerusalem is closed for 3 days. Authorities state women's group which rented the theater is connected,to a PLO faction. Fifty women hold sit-in strike outside the theater [JP 7/28, FJ 8/2]. Al-Fajr English weekly reports many would-be pilgrims to Mecca were prevented from leaving by new Israeli restrictions. Muslims under 35 were not allowed to make the pilgrimage; 150 applicants were tumed down. [FJ 7/26].

Arab World: King Hussein calls on Arab governments to form working group to address critical problems confronting the region; stresses Jordan and the PLO will not submit additional names of Palestinian delegates if U.S. rejects first list. U.S. administration officialsay 3 names are acceptable, do not specify which ones [NYT 7/27].

Other Countries: After 5 hours of negotiations, compromise isreached on the wording of the final document of the UN Decade for Women Conference; "Zionism" is replaced by "and all other forms of racism." The nonbinding document will be referred to UN General Assembly for approval [NYT, WP 7/27]. House-Senate committee passes worldwide U.S. foreign aid bill, including amendment requiring President Reagan, in proposing any sale of advanced arms to Jordan, to certify Jordan has made "a public commitment to the recognition of Israel" [JP 7/28].

Military Action

Arab World: Four Palestinians loyal to Arafat are found murdered outside Mieh Mieh refugee camp near Sidon. Bodies show signs of torture. Notes pinned to them call them Israeli collaborators. Patrols are stepped up around camps following the murders [PI 7/27, WP 7/28].