Monday, April 1, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: High Court rejects petition by MK Kahane to cancel Knesset's 12/18 decision to strip Kahane of parliamentary immunity with regard to freedom of movement; orders Kahane to pay IS 500,000 court costs [JP 4/2]. Foreign Min. official David Kimche tells UN diplomat Jean-Claude Aime that Israel does not want UNIFIL troops to be deployed along Israel-Lebanon border after IDF withdrawal [JP 4/2]. Inner cabinet unanimously approves plan to exchange 1,150 prisoners held by Israel for 3 IDF soldiers held by PFLP-GC in Syria (see 5/20/85) [JP 5/22].

Other Countries: US State Dept. spokesman Bernard Kalb, referring to 3/31 report by West Bank Data Base Project, states US opposed to W. Bank settlements, feels that settlement activity does not preclude chances for negotiated settlement [JP, JTA 4/2].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Border Police shoot and injure 4 students after stonethrowing incident during Land Day protest outside Bethlehem U. [LAT, JP 4/2]. IDF order settlers to evacuate hill near Umm Safa after they began clearing land for an illegal settlement in response to 3/31 killing of settler in Ramallah [JP 4/2].

Arab World: Action in S. Lebanon: IDF convoy attacked with RPGs near Jwaiyeh. 8 Katyushas fired at IDF position, Douer; no casualties reported. 2 SLA soldiers killed during ambush near 'Arab Salim [JP 4/2]. IDF soldier injured 3/30 in Douer, S. Lebanon, dies of wounds [JP 4/2].